JholaXL Warehouse

JholaXL Warehouse

For Wholesalers, Distributors and Manufacturers.

Why JholaXL?

JholaXL Order Delivery

Organise orders from your buyers in one place.

Configure buyer specific product prices.

Automatic paperwork management.

Analyze fine tuned insights.

And it is FREE to use!

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We will provide you a demo upon your request to showcase all of these aspects that we have claimed here.

Process Overview

Sign up and create JholaXL Warehouse account.

Upload your products.

Connect with your buyers.

JholaXL Power Ups

Optionally, activate Power Ups.

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Register and manage your branches.

Reduce employee training and paperwork.

But wait there is more...

You can do more with your orders.

JholaXL Order Comments

Add Comments

JholaXL Sales Activities

Record Sales Activities

JholaXL Order Status

Check & Update Status


Connect with


  • Record in-house sales
  • Print Bills
  • View Sales Reports
  • and Other Related Tasks
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Push Notifications

Get notified about all important events and activities.


Activities report in much more detail.

  • View order history.
  • View mostly consumed products.
  • and other valuable data.
JholaXL Insights